“The power of imagination makes us infinite”

-John Muir


Rye Garden Club has a long tradition of hosting events for its members and the community that educate and inspire the soul.

In the 1950s and 60s, RGC held “May Market” plant sales and garden tours at “Brookside”, the home of Mrs. Jean Flagler Matthews. Her magnificent daffodil and tulip filled gardens, considered one of the country’s most spectacular private gardens of the mid 20th century, were captured in Home & Garden magazine.

Today RGC hosts Garden Walks, which give the public access to tours through some of the Club members’ most well tended and inspiring landscapes. Traditionally this is followed by a lovely sit-down luncheon.

RGC continues to host GCA flower shows which combine education, artistic vision, horticultural mastery, and sophisticated craftsmanship. The entries are divided by horticultural specimens and displays, flower arranging, conservation and photography, creating a brief but brilliant display of beauty for the community and our members.